Sometime in the very near future Steelers fans will likely be mourning the departure of Hines Ward as he either moves on to another team, or he’s laid to rest in the vast mid-30s wide receiver wasteland.

The Steelers organization knows that they’re responsible for making tough business decisions with aging veterans, but deep down they’re fans too. The Rooney family bleeds class, so it’s not surprising that they’ve already prepared a tribute video for Ward to help fans cope with the loss of their favorite smiling receiver. The class kept oozing when they worked in a Whitney Houston tribute too.

But that’s where it ended, because Benstonium got their hands on the leaked video, and it looks like in a rare jerk move the Rooneys are planning a PR strategy blaming Ward for his exit…

This is clearly real and not even a little bit fake. Thanks, Total Steelers.