When Stanford Routt was cut last week before having the chance to collect a $5 million guarantee that he would have received had he been on the Raiders’ roster this Friday, it wasn’t all bad news.

See, as the result of his release from Oakland, Routt has had an opportunity to get a jumpstart on free agency, which doesn’t officially start for impending unrestricted and restricted free agents until March 13.

Routt is now free to be signed by any team in the league, which makes him rather special. And as a result, the 28-year-old cornerback with Pro Bowl-caliber skills is touring the nation, auditioning for his next job while the rest of the league’s soon-to-be free agents wait for the market to open up in four weeks.

Yesterday, Routt was in Buffalo. Today, he was in Kansas City. Both of those teams already have fairly strong secondaries, so it’s interesting to see them express immediate interest in the veteran defensive back.

The Cowboys and Titans are also expected to give Routt workouts before his fate is determined, but you can be sure that a decision will be made well before the market gets saturated by the likes of Cortland Finnegan, Brent Grimes, Brandon Carr and Carlos Rogers.

And expect Routt to once again sign an inflated contract as a result of this superb timing. Last year, O.J. Atogwe was in the same shoes as Routt prior to the beginning of free agency, and the 29-year-old safety landed a five-year, $26-million dealĀ in Washington.