• Omar Kelly makes a fair point regarding Randy Moss and his upcoming search for employment, with the Dolphins beat writer noting that Miami GM Jeff Ireland has made a hobby out of looking for hidden objects under rocks. That hobby can lead to some ill-advised adventures, but it could also lead to both Moss and Peyton Manning landing in South Florida at discounted rates. The major risk would clearly lie with Manning and his health, because if Moss still really, really sucks, he can be cut in August without any major financial damage.
  • Pretty much every team that doesn’t have a settled, long-term solution at quarterback has been rumored to be participating in the upcoming Manning sweepstakes. Last summer the Cardinals thought they found their solution in Kevin Kolb, but now he’s been forced to answer questions about Manning rumors, and say that he knows “how the NFL works.”
  • There’s a special kind of lunacy to some of the Manning rumors, especially when many of them contain the words “a healthy Peyton Manning would be a clear upgrade over…” and in this instance the name that follows is Matt Schaub, and a report outlining Manning’s “definite” interest in Houston. The addiction to hope and the brief window for a championship in the NFL is what’s making fans and media forget that with Manning, the buyer is likely purchasing severely damaged goods, and those ifs and buts could be filled with pipes and dreams.
  • Must read: Shutdown Corner’s Doug Farrar will make you want to hug your mom.
  • We hear your cries, die-hard NFL fan, and we feel your pain. The news cycle is rusty and slow right now, which is probably why we’re having a legitimate discussion about Manning going to Houston. But consider this the serene calm before a vicious monsoon, because with free agency starting a week later this year, the NFL’s silly season could lead us almost right into the draft.
  • Jim Mora Jr. would like to remind you that he’s still the last Falcons head coach to win a playoff game. He’s also the team’s last coach to be on the sidelines for a full season and post a losing record, but oddly he doesn’t mention that.
  • If the Titans can’t secure Cortland Finnegan before he becomes a free agent, Detroit will likely pursue the Pro Bowl cornerback aggressively.
  • Pro Football Focus ranked the best and worst tackling cornerbacks, and the most coveted free agent last August is one of the basement dwellers after Nnamdi Asomugha missed a tackle every 4.3 attempts. It gets worse for the Eagles, as all three of their impressive cover corners did little when the ball wasn’t in the air, and finished in the bottom 11.
  • Field Gulls broke down every Tarvaris Jackson interception this year, presumably because they enjoy both thorough analysis and pain.
  • Arrowhead Addict is filling some early offseason down time by hoping in their Chiefs time machine and seeing where it stops. If the dial lands on recent dates and years, this exercise may also be painful. The first stop is 1997, and another productive yet very average year for Derrick Thomas.

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