• Nobody does the uncomfortable/bored/severely disinterested face quite like Justin Tuck.
  • The city of Indianapolis is slowly beginning to accept the reality of Peyton Manning‘s likely departure. But although he may not be their quarterback for much longer, Manning will always be a sports icon in Naptown. Albert Breer tried to gauge the local impact of Manning’s exit, and one marketing expert said that over the last 30 years the four-time MVP is easily in the top five among the people responsible for developing Indianapolis into what it is today.
  • While shooting down rumors about Manning’s interest in the Texans, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle noted that Matt Schaub‘s recovery from his Lisfranc surgery is ahead of schedule.
  • The Steelers are continuing to deal with a mismanaged payroll, with Ben Roethlisberger and James Harrison possibly next in line to restructure their contracts. But as Mike Florio points out, restructuring contracts only pushes an existing problem into the future, and eventually Pittsburgh will have to start dumping bodies.
  • Like most logically-thinking teams, the Cowboys reportedly don’t have any interest in signing Randy Moss.
  • Moss has at least one believer, with Jason Babin speaking confidently and kindly about his former Tennessee teammate.
  • Lions running back Mikel Leshoure tore his left Achillies tendon in just the second week of training camp last August. Jim Miller, the former quarterback who tore both of his Acillies tendons during his career, thinks it may take some time during the 2012 season for Leshoure to get his full burst back, but he’ll be fine for training camp.
  • Michael Oher has been shuffled between left and right tackle during his first three seasons. Now he’s open to staying at right tackle, which would make his entire movie a lie.
  • Santonio Holmes was Mark Sanchez‘s valentine.
  • The Patriots’ possible pursuit of Brandon Lloyd during free agency could be slowed or halted entirely by his agent, because New England and Tom Condon don’t really play nice together.
  • Sports fans don’t get to draw a connection between the NBA and NFL too often, and aside from the obvious that could be partly driving the comparisons between Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow. But despite Lin’s dedication to religion and winning, people surely understand the one major, crippling flaw in that convenient narrative, right? Tebow was a first-round pick after spending four years as one of the most successful and celebrated college football players of all time. Lin wasn’t even drafted, so connecting the two is both ludicrous and lazy.
  • In another display of the NFL’s supreme power over the North American sports landscape, even at the height of Linsanity Rob Gronkowski has a massive lead in an ESPN Sports Nation poll that asks “which breakout player would you love to have on your team?”
  • Matthew Stafford was at the ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut to shoot a commercial, so naturally he went up onto the roof and started chucking deep balls to employees and visitors…

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