We may have mentioned this at least 17 times over the past week, but right now we’re slugging our way through the brief slow period between the end of the season, and the start of the Scouting Combine and free agency.

Don’t worry, we’ll get there, and we’ll do it with investigative reports on Matt Leinart’s poor pick-up lines in which he invites girls to parties that don’t exist, and we’ll also meet our daily quota for Peyton Manning posts.

This can be a trying time around the football blogosphere, and one that requires creativity to inspire debates and discussion about the game. Last night the hosts and producers at NFL Network used their collective imaginations in an effort to accomplish that task, capitalizing on Linsanity and ranking the NFL’s top 10 active undrafted free agents.

The debate prompted by those rankings was fluffy and innocent, but when it was promoted on Twitter one player wanted to know how ranking undrafted free agents was remotely relevant, as he thought there was a little bit too much pot stirring going on. His name is Arian Foster, the kingpin of the undrafted free agents.

Foster asked the anonymous keyboard pounder operating the league’s Twitter account why such a debate was started, presumably because he also wondered why everyone can’t just be friends.

What followed were the lonely feelings of neglect and abandonment.

Then the reply finally came, and the existence of the faithful worker was noticed.

However, the employee remained displeased and inquisitive, yet still grateful for his opportunity to be a peon working underneath the long arm of big brother.

So in the end there was a mutual understanding of the need to make people talk about the NFL in mid-February, and the use of Foster to reach that end game. Jeremy Lin is also partly to blame, much like Tim Tebow could be blamed and/or praised for nearly everything that happened during the NFL season.

Sweet dreams were enjoyed by all, but Foster still yearns for more acknowledgment from his superiors.