Matt Leinart the quarterback has been an infamous bust, and his only notable NFL achievement was playing one good half of football that later resulted in Dennis Green urging us to crown the Bears, and specifically their posterior region.

But Matt Leinart the blonde chaser and model hound is a hall of famer. Even after years of being a backup and having little involvement in winning a meaningful football game, the former USC golden boy’s skills still haven’t faded.

He has money, muscles, and he needs to be loved, and this past weekend he showed us that injury rehab requires at least two aspiring young models. Or at least that was the word according to Busted Coverage, the blog that never turns down a mission to uncover a sexy beach party.

Busted Coverage came across a tweet from Lynsi London, a 21-year-old California girl who likes to have fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously, and she’s open to any kind of modeling (but NO NUDES). London relayed a Leinart sighting at a Newport Beach bar called Sharkeez, where you can get a burrito for $2.99 on Thursdays.

Specifically, London made an observation about Leinart, noting that he particularly enjoys a certain part of the female anatomy.

Thanks Lynsi, we knew that, but we’re more interested to know why you spell your name so weird.

We were also aware that Leinart knows the proper beer bong holding technique, and that he has the unique ability to simultaneously anger and please dancing girls.

We need more details, and if there’s anything I’ve learned in my years drinking by myself at bars, it’s that the young blonde chasing after the quarterback is the ultimate source of truth. Earlier today London replied to the boys at Busted Coverage and their request for more kissing and telling about her post-bar rendezvous with Leinart, and it was pretty much what you’re expecting:

He invited my two gfs & I to a small after party beach house but when we got there it was only us, they just wanted to hookup we weren’t Down so we left. No pics sorry he’s a tool

A classic move, Matt, going with the ol’ “I’m having a party at my place” line, and then said party doesn’t exist. Maybe your game has faded a bit after all, but don’t get discouraged, and just keep swinging buddy. You’ll end the night in a few more hot tubs eventually with that kind of late night/early morning originality.

Just don’t invite them to a pants party. That never works, especially not with girls like Lynsi who are wrapped in red dresses…