• ESPN is really, really milking this Tim Tebow-Jeremy Lin narrative.
  • Joe Flacco‘s agent said that his client is among the top five quarterbacks, which presumably also means that he’d like Flacco to be paid like a top five quarterback. That sound you’re hearing in the distance is laughter.
  • Randy Moss made another Ustream appearance last night, and he said that while being clocked by a buddy who may have been using a Timex watch he ran a 4.3 in the 40-yard dash recently.
  • Matthew Stafford became only the fourth player in NFL history to throw for over 5,000 yards in a season, which impressed everyone except Marshall Faulk.
  • Don’t bother asking Jeff Fisher about Moss, because he won’t say much.
  • Don’t ask Rex Ryan about Peyton Manning either, because for the first time in his coaching career he doesn’t feel like getting fined. He’ll talk about Mark Sanchez, though, and call him an “ascending” talent.
  • The most recent projection of Matt Flynn‘s value on the open market in a few weeks is $10 million annually. A career backup being handed that kind of greenery is another clear sign that this is a passing league, and it kind of makes you wonder why any team would make a significant investment on a running back with an early, top five pick.
  • Jamaal Charles is taking a major step in his recovery with a physical today in Kansas City.
  • The second overall pick currently held by the Rams could be a hot spot for early trade activity in April, with Cleveland and possibly Washington looking to move up and make a play for Robert Griffin III. But if St. Louis stays in that spot, Sam Bradford will likely be throwing deep balls to Justin Blackmon next fall.
  • Prior to this year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, SB Nation’s Matt Ufford had to solve the riddle of the dog, and decide what position each breed would be best suited to play on the football field. He put far too much time, analysis, and thought into answering that question

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