Sucking for Luck was more than just a campaign earlier this year for many bottom-dwelling teams. It was a mission and a conquest, and at one point before it started to become clear that only a few teams had a shot at the latest quarterback phenom, the suck for Luck storyline nearly matched Tebowmania.

Before Dolphins fans saw the last of Tony Sparano’s wildly wicked field goal celebrations and Miami started to win games after losing seven straight to start the year, there was a very realistic hope that Luck would take his talents to South Beach.

That’s when a handful of parody fan songs pleading for Luck surfaced, and we randomly stumbled over one today in which the people of Miami promised to speak Spanish for Luck, which would have made him feel welcome and comfortable, I guess.

Bryan Adams, however, would not have made Luck feel comfortable. Nothing associated with Adams is comfortable.