Talks between Peyton Manning and Jim Irsay are already underway. Yep, they’re intensely discussing matters that could forever change the direction of Manning’s career, the future of the Colts, and the depth of Irsay’s pockets.

Those talks are filled with passion and heated debate. The main subject? Golf, of course, and a discussion about Tiger Woods, and if he’ll finish his career with more major wins than Jack Nicklaus. Tomorrow they may dare to venture into other frivolous sports bar fodder, like the stupidity of the shootout in hockey, why pitching wins are overrated, and who is superior between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

That engaging Woods-Nicklaus debate has actually happened recently between Irsay and Manning, and we imagine it was a brief ice breaker before the main event of the dinner or bar conversation took place. We’ve all been waiting on word about those more serious talks, and we received that update late last night when Irsay spoke to WISHTV in Indianapolis.

As we’ve come to expect, Irsay’s update barely qualifies as an update, but at least we know they’re talking.

“We both know everyone has great interest on it. We’ll just keep talking. And certainly by that date [March 8, when Manning's $28 million bonus is due] we’ll come up with something that makes sense for him and for the Colts. I think we both understand each other’s issues. [We’re] not delaying it for any intentional reason. It’s not only a big decision, but it’s a complicated and tough decision.”

But be careful as you read those words, because they’re just talking, and according to a report from ProFootballTalk, the seriousness of those talks haven’t progressed to the point that numbers for a new contract are being discussed. Therefore, characterizing these talks as negotiations is premature, and simply untrue.

So they’ll keep talking, and perhaps they’ll also discuss how the shot clock and three-point line changed the NBA forever.

Until then Colts fans will continue to either burn their Manning jerseys, or pre-order Andrew Luck jerseys.

Or both.

And the rest…

  • For some draft prospects, next week’s combine is just an extended workout, and their grade won’t fall significantly without a dramatic stumble. For many others, every bench press rep and millisecond on their 40 time is vital.
  • Quinton Coples will be one of the top defensive ends selected in April, with the North Carolina standout drawing comparisons to Julius Peppers. If you ask him, though, he thinks he’s closer to Jason Pierre-Paul.
  • In their latest mock draft Walter Football has Coples going to the Dolphins at No. 8. They’ve also predicted a trade that’s already been the subject of widespread speculation, with the Browns jumping up to secure Robert Griffin III at No. 2.
  • There are a few more girls hanging out around UCLA’s football field than there usually would be in mid-February. That’s because Tim Tebow is there working out, and chicks dig quarterbacks who complete less than half of their passes.
  • Like the rest of us, Turf Show Times is quite skeptical about Randy Moss’ effectiveness after a year away from football. But right now, the Rams are the only team leaving the door even slightly ajar for Moss to reunite with Jeff Fisher.
  • The Falcons won’t be in on Moss, Terrell Owens, or Hines Ward if he becomes available, because they have little need to sign a receiver who’s old enough to remember Teddy Roosevelt.
  • The Raiders Blog thinks that if Oakland still plans to play a 3-4 next season, they’ll need to add an inside linebacker to support Rolando McClain.
  • Between Danny Woodhead last year and Stevan Ridley this year, running backs continue to emerge and make valuable contributions in New England’s backfield. That could make BenJarvus Green-Ellis a former Patriot very soon.
  • Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Anthony Shadid died after a severe Asthma attack on Thursday. Shadid was a foreign correspondent often assigned to conflicts in the Middle East, but that didn’t keep him from following the Packers passionately, even if it meant he’d receive a rather large phone bill.