A beach. A dazzling wedding gown. A glistening sunny day in the Dominican Republic.

Those are the three minimum required elements for the dream wedding day every princess bride imagines if she wants a beach wedding. Jason Campbell is not a princess, or a bride. And he’s not a husband yet either, even though he was scheduled to be married over the weekend.

That much we know to be true, but the rest remains a little murky. Campbell, who will become a free agent and was most recently with the Raiders, had his date of wedding bliss with his fiance Jenny Montes slated for this past Saturday in the Domincan. But the wedding didn’t happen, resulting in yet another incompletion in Campbell’s distinguished career, and some pretty pissed off wedding guests who then returned to their swim-up bars.

Since celebrity gossip sites are the most reliable sources of wedding wreckage details, let’s turn to Vibe Vixen first, which claims that Campbell left Montes at the alter.

Guests had already flown out to the Dominican Republic where the bride-to-be is from to watch the nuptials take place.

What a cowardly move.

Cowardly indeed, but perhaps not entirely true. There are other reports that the decision to postpone the wedding was mutual, and Campbell spoke to CSN’s Kate Longworth to shoot down the rumors that he left his bride-to-be at the altar.

Either way, it makes for a sad little tale of romance gone wrong (or at least temporarily wrong) just a week after Valentine’s Day, especially after you browse through their wedding website and read the tale of how Montes and Campbell met. Campbell sealed the deal with a “JCAM sincere look” and a smile. You sly dog, Jason.

So now we’re left to speculate, and we’ll just assume that a career with constantly changing offensive coordinators has forever fractured Campbell’s psyche, a scar that extends far beyond the field. We’ll also that assume every other current or recent Washington quarterback would have made a similar decision. Except for John Beck, because that guy never loses his confidence.

Also, there’s a lesson for all of us here courtesy of Montes and the tattoo on her right shoulder. Never, ever do this…