For the rest of this week we’ll turn our attention to young men as they run, lift, and jump their way towards confirming whatever pre-conceived notions we have about their football talent and overall skillset.

This is otherwise known as the Scouting Combine, a series of events that are important, but not nearly as important as you’ll be led to believe. The annual scrutiny of the combine is generated by both our maniacal draft obsession, and the fact that it’s stillĀ  February and we still need something to talk about, so we’ll settle for prospects running in straight lines and lifting dead weight.

But there’s one event that’s always the highlight of the underwear Olympics: Rich Eisen’s 40-yard dash. It’s now possible to bet on the likelihood of Jeremy Lin going out on a date with Kim Kardashian, so of course there are also props for Eisen’s annual full-suit run.

The NFL Network host has been running the standard speed-testing sprint since 2005, never breaking six seconds. Over at the National Football Post our own Joe Fortenbaugh has listed Eisen’s times over the last seven years, which helps you gauge whether or not he’ll be able to stay under 6.165 seconds, which is the line set by

2011: 6.18
2010: 6.24
2009: 6.34
2008: 6.34
2007: 6.43
2006: 6.22
2005: 6.77

Last year may have been a personal best for Eisen, but there’s a strong stench of luck to that 6.18. The visual evidence from 2010 suggests that you’re still pretty safe taking the over…

Since there’s no other way to possibly make watching the combine all week exciting, there are pages on major betting sites like and Bovada filled with odds for the best result in each event, and others that pit players against each other for wagers on who will have the best 40 time, the most bench press reps, etc.

Betting on the Scouting Combine is acceptable behavior, because we fully understand that both your football and gambling addiction need to be satisfied during these dark winter months when the fall seems like some far off dream.

But your one-year subscription to GLS will be revoked if you actually spend money on tickets to watch the Combine.