A daily number isn't good enough for Rob Gronkowski. He needs hourly.

There are only a few jobs in which your level of daily sexual activity is required information obtained through an interview question, and none of them involve clothes.

Yet at least one NFL team may have either a requirement or limit for incoming rookies. Whatever it is, it’s high if said team is using the level of sheet dancing per day as the measurement.

This is the time of the year marked on the calendar for the first story of an absurd question during player interviews from a general manager or team executive at the Scouting Combine. This year’s little ditty doesn’t beat Jeff Ireland’s desire to know if Dez Bryant’s mom is still employed as a prostitute, but it’s still, well, odd.

Make us say huh, Mike Freeman:

According to one agent, during a combine interview this week, his client was asked extremely personal questions including several about how many times a day he has sex. (Per day?)

The agent also told Freeman that his client answered the question, leaving us to wonder what Rob Gronkowski’s answer would have been two years ago (more importantly, did Gronk wear a shirt to his interviews?).

Thanks to the likes of Bryant, Aqib Talib, and others, we’ll always deal with vague and borderline discriminatory labels like “character issues” every year from mid-February until the end of April. But if we’ve really reached the point where daily fornication is a red flag, then we’re about to see the yearly talent pool of young men coming from college campuses thin out dramatically.

Only weekly sex is permitted in the pros, kids.