Let’s review the ways in which the voice behind the camera is a stunning genius, and a pioneer in parenting methods:

  • He gets to shamelessly befriend his favorite couch groove on a Saturday afternoon and watch prospects run drills, while also watching his daughter.
  • Little Grace will be wiped in a matter of minutes, and she’ll then sleep for at least 18 hours. What will daddy do while Grace is sleeping? More Combine. Must have more Combine.
  • A passion for football is being embedded at a very young age, possibly leading to many blissful years later in life when daddy and Grace bond over the agony and ecstasy of Sundays.

The NFL may have also discovered a new product and business opportunity here. Hours of Combine footage are already recorded anyway, but the fine folks at NFL Films could add some children’s music to play in the background, and kids will run, dance, jump, and eventually sleep for hours.

There’s no way to lose here, and we’ve already patented the idea. Call us, Roger.

Thanks, It’s Always Sunny In Detroit