Nick Mangold’s sister Holley has no idea why she’s so fascinated by picking up heavy objects and dropping them. But she is, and she’s ranked second in the U.S. among female weightlifters, and she’ll be competing for two open spots on this summer’s Olympic team this weekend.

Her best lift is 550 pounds. Between nose tackles Sione Pouha and Martin Tevasseu, it’s a tie for the heaviest player on the Jets, with both beasts weighing in at 325 pounds. Mangold’s 5’8″, 340-pound sister could lift Pouha and half of Tevasseu, if such an experiment were possible with his teammates. That would be some pretty hardcore Olympic training.

In this interview by the Columbus Post-Dispatch, we learn that being in a dark alley with either Mangold is a very bad idea, and that playing Mario Kart is a form of relaxation for future Olympians. It’s a crime against sport that Mario Kart isn’t in the Olympics yet.

Thanks, Bob’s Blitz