Carl Nicks is one of the best guards in football, and he’s sure to make millions and millions of dollars regardless of what happens in the coming days and weeks. But, what does happen in those days and weeks will control precisely how many millions of dollars he makes, and where he makes them.

If the Saints can come to terms with Drew Brees by March 5, they’ll likely slap Nicks with the franchise tag, which would pay him over $9 million for one season of service but wouldn’t ensure him of a dollar beyond 2012. That would put the ball in the Saints’ court, as Nicks would only be able to negotiate with them while under the tag.

And then there’s the possibility that the 25-year-old hits the open market on March 13. If that happens, he’s sure to get a large payday, but his future home and the specifics of the payday will be up in the air.

Naturally, it’s a stressful time in Nicks’ life, as he’s left wondering about his fate.

For an indication, we peruse his Twitter account:

Nicks is surely missing the good old days, when the Saints were Super Bowl champions, he was safe and secure in the Bayou and his biggest concern was telling the media that he was going to Disneyland without dropping an F-bomb: