This started as a minor typo, and if we did a post for every typo we have, our daily output would be quadrupled. Maybe that’s an idea.

Earlier in my Combine review post I referenced Robert Griffin III, but when typing his name I left out the “III,” and immediately felt deep shame for disrespecting his father and grandfather. But that started a series of loosely connected questions which posed another odd, yet intriguing question.

Griffin is engaged after proposing to his girlfriend in October of 2010. So at 22 years old he’s not waiting long to get his married life started, and by extension he might not wait long to get his family life started.

That sets in motion a highly unlikely, but still remotely possible scenario. Robert Griffin III could be sacked by Robert Griffin IV.

Let’s consider the alignment of astronomy that has to take place. The truly elite, Hall of Fame-caliber quarterbacks can often play until their early 40s. If Griffin were to have his first child in the next year, he’d then have to not only be elite, but also hang on towards the end of his career in a very Favrian fashion.

Realistically, the youngest an NFL rookie can start is usually 21, meaning Griffin would then be 44 and holding a clipboard. So the elder backup Griffin would have to be forced into duty by an injury, and the younger upstart defensive end or linebacker Griffin would be waiting to maliciously sack his father. Would there be a sense of pride or pain after causing physical harm to such an old man? We’ll go with pride, because somewhere deep down the son always remembers that he couldn’t sack his dad when he was a wee tot trying to run Combine drills in the living room.

There’s no way this would ever happen, but it shows how difficult the rarest circumstances become due to the short shelf life of football careers. A father and a son appearing on the same field as active players is extremely rare in any sport, but baseball’s had duos play on the same team (Tim Raines Jr. and Sr., and Ken Griffey Jr. and Sr.). Vinny Testaverde retired at 43 and started six games for Carolina in his final season, so we’re saying there’s a chance.

It’s mostly just fun to think about Robert Griffin sacking Robert Griffin, even though we’re randomly assuming that Griffin IV would, for whatever reason, be a pass rusher and not a quarterback.