There’s very little about the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders that says “old.” That’s quite difficult to write without sounding like the average white male at Cowboys Stadium who’s fixated on various parts of the Brittany Evans‘ anatomy, and is yelling their phone number from afar while wearing a hat that’s cocked to the side and isn’t curved.

I assure you I’m not an ageist, but am just stating a fact. Browse through the website for the world’s most famous cheerleaders. Go ahead, you have my permission, and surely your boss will understand if you lose 45 minutes of productivity.

Most of the profiles don’t reveal the cheerleader’s age, but the eye test says that mid 20′s is the high end of the scale, especially when being in school is discussed at length by cheer team veterans who go from class to practice.

Soon they could be cheering alongside a grandmother.

Sharon Simmons is a 55-year-old grandmother of two from Carrollton, Texas, and she’ll be competing with other hopefuls young enough to be her daughter at the upcoming cheerleader auditions. Like many young women in Texas, Simmons wanted to be a Cowboys cheerleader when she was in her early 20′s, but children and life have a way of turning those ambitious ideas into a dream, and eventually an afterthought. As you can see from the picture above, being a fitness competitor for the past five years and winning nine titles in various competitions has kept her in remarkably good shape.

Age clearly isn’t something that scares Simmons, and she told CBS Dallas Fort Worth that as far as physical fitness is concerned, there’s “absolutely no difference” between her and the 19-year-olds she’ll be competing against. She also said that on stage she “blends right in” with women in their 20′s and 30′s.

Working out with a former Cowboys cheerleader to master the dance technique and routines to make the transition from fitness guru to cheerleader will help, but hopefully she’s also been working on her spirit fingers. Cowboys cheerleaders need far less high kicking, and more spirit fingers.

She’s prompted a question of aesthetics over at Blogging The Boys, a place where Cowboys fans take great pride in the rich history of bouncing curves that’s populated their sideline.

BTB’s Tom Ryle is undecided and confused, and he started a deep philosophical debate in his blog’s comment section:

How old is too old for a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader? Would you like a 55 year-old grandmother representing the best (and best looking) cheerleading squad in the world?

Before you answer, take a look at Sharon Simmons, who wants to do just that.

Man, my concept of grandmas is being seriously adjusted.

While she is breaking new ground by trying out for the iconic Cowboys squad, Simmons won’t be the only fit woman who’s a decade or two older than her peers on an NFL sideline if she makes the cut. ┬áSimmons would easily be the oldest cheerleader in NFL history.

That title is currently held by Laura Vikmanis, the 42-year-old Bengals cheerleader who’s having a movie made about her life.

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