It’s long been a known fact of NFL life that Packers fans are the craziest pack of crazies the NFL has ever produced.

Raiders fans may dispute this, but they’re an entirely different breed of crazy, the kind that endangers human life. Packers fans are intensely passionate, so being called crazy is a compliment.

It wasn’t surprising when over 1,200 people showed up to shovel snow at Lambeau Field on a bitterly cold January day in Wisconsin, and only 450 were needed. It also wasn’t surprising today when the final numbers were released for Green Bay’s most recent stock sale, and they were rather staggering. The Packers sold meaningless pieces of paper to 268,000 people at $250 each, raising $67 million for stadium renovations

But the utter lack of surprise doesn’t make the explanation of Packers stock given to the layman by The Associated Press any less amusing:

Packers stock isn’t like regular stock. Its value doesn’t increase, there are no dividends, it has virtually no re-sale value and it doesn’t give buyers any advantage over the 93,000 people on the waiting list for season tickets.

Capitalism wins the day again.