One week after we brought to your attention a Miami-based group that had launched a website and purchased billboard space to make their case for Peyton Manning in South Florida, another website has emerged in an attempt to help bring Manning to the New York Jets.

Meet, where you can sign an inconsequential and powerless petition and leave messages of support (to whom, we’re not entirely sure). The latest examples:

The group also has somewhat of a mission statement/motto:


Although the 2011 New York Jets put together an awesome roster of players, they not only underachieved week in and week out, they were shut out of the playoffs as well. Two of the biggest failures that resulted in such underwhelming performances were:

Lack of leadership in the locker room as well as on the field; and
Quality of play from the quarterback position.

Both of these problems can be solved with a single personnel change: Signing Peyton Manning As The Starting Quarterback For The New York Jets.

The key, though, might be the site’s online store, which contains a trio of items that have nothing to do with Peyton Manning or his potential future with Gang Green. Interesting. It’s almost as if the proprietors knew a site like this would draw significant attention from a whole new audience…

(Via Albert Breer on Twitter)