Anyone who’s ever busted a leg or ankle knows that the recovery can be one of the most depressing experiences of your life. When bathing yourself is a massive chore, life is generally awful.

We’re pretty sure that Rob Gronkowski could turn reading the Declaration of Independence into an exhilarating, adrenaline pumping thrill ride. So surely he’ll find a way to weave some awesomeness into hobbling around on one leg after his ankle surgery.

Friends, I present the Rob Gronkowski scooter, complete with inexplicably mesmerizing Zubaz pants first popularized by the nearly indestructible Road Warriors WWF tag team in the early 90′s.

Gronk is sitting beside two Jersey Shore caricatures dudes who just lifted several buses stuffed with elephants. They’re from some elite gym that doesn’t matter, and Chandler Marchman, the beefcaked fellow who tweeted the picture, said this:

Had a special guest judge at the 2nd Annual MAN Cave Meathead Dance Off…Big thanks to Rob Gronkowski!!!

Ahhh, so the story unfolds, and it seems Gronk was judging a dancing event of some kind that involves meatheads.

The scooter that he’s using at his convenience to hobble around has made multiple appearances in front of the camera already. Busted Coverage has other pictures, including Gronk looking far more formal at family outings with his toy scooter in tow.

Rodney Harrison does not approve.