Nearly a month ago Peyton Manning had a Derek Zoolander problem, and he couldn’t throw to his left. This was a problem because football offenses are typically structured to use the entire field.

That’s where we were in early February with Manning’s march to a full recovery that may or may not end. Now in early March we’ve received another vague report that says very little.

Do you keep grains of salt by your work desk? That’s really weird if you do, and you’re probably not getting invited out for Friday office beers tonight because you’re the guy with the salt. But oddly, right now you’ll need it before you read this tweet from Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star.

It’s the definition of “better” that’s troubling, because although my medical degree doesn’t exist, I find it hard to envision a drastic turnaround one month after Manning reportedly could only throw in one direction.

This report apparently didn’t come from the Manning camp, which Kravitz felt the need to clarify because he’s well aware of how Manning’s sudden improvement will be perceived once it hits the teeth of the Internets. It seems like just yesterday that Manning’s neck nearly took over Super Bowl week in Indianapolis (complete with an awkward family photo), but now we’re less than a week away from the date when Manning will either be re-upped, or discarded by Jim Irsay. Surely the Manning camp wouldn’t leak false information to paint Irsay as the villain, right?

Conventional wisdom still loudly says that Manning will be playing elsewhere next year, but conventions and wisdom haven’t often applied to this process.