Perrish Cox awaiting a verdict this afternoon.

What was considered by many to be an open-and-shut case when it got underway Monday has ended on Friday with the acquittal of Perrish Cox.

The former Denver Broncos cornerback was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at his apartment less than a week before his first NFL game. He claimed he never had sex with his accuser, but that appeared to backfire when she became pregnant and prosecutors claimed a DNA test proved he was the father.

Ultimately, the Colorado prosecutor wasn’t able to convince a jury that Cox was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and Cox is a free man.

From the Associated Press:

Cox hugged his attorney after the verdict was read, while the alleged victim let out an audible sigh and a cry. As she was leaving the courtroom, she said, ”Oh my God, what’s happening?”

In addition to being a free man, Cox is now a free agent. I get the feeling, though, that this acquittal might not be enough to repair Cox’s reputation in the court of public opinion or in the eyes of the 32 potential employers he’ll surely try to gain employment with.

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