Burying the lede is an often inexplicable practice done to make the reader, well, read. When the reader finally arrives at the only piece of information they may find valuable, they’re pissed off. No one wins here.

So right now I could keep rambling and demonstrate the pointless practice or lede burying, or I could arrive at my point. It’s going to be a busy day of writing about football players making lots of money, so I’ll save the games for some other much slower offseason afternoon when we’re making filler lists about players who have any connection whatsoever to Ireland.

Yesterday Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote a column updating the Rams’ auction of the No. 2 overall pick in this April’s draft, and this little nugget was buried six feet under:

Cleveland (No. 4 pick): The Browns are unwilling at this point to include their second first-round pick, No. 22, as part of any trade package with the Rams.

That’s Thomas presumably reporting where talks stand with the Browns right now. And if he’s right in his assessment, then there’s very little chance that the Browns get St. Louis’ pick, and by extension Robert Griffin III, the highly-coveted quarterback from Baylor.

It’s been widely speculated that any deal with the Rams will need to include multiple picks, and likely multiple first-round picks, which automatically gives Cleveland leverage and more than enough assets. Patience has worn thin with Colt McCoy, and with Griffin easily the best quarterback in this draft not named Andrew Luck, using their two first-round picks to acquire some security at the most important offensive position seems like a logical move for Cleveland.

The Browns could easily outbid Washington, Miami, and Seattle. The key to Thomas’ report is the words “at this point,” since we’re still in early March. Conventional wisdom will hopefully spread throughout the Browns’ front office over the next seven weeks, and they’ll inevitably pull the trigger on a move that has risk, but the reward is much higher.

And the rest…

  • Marshawn Lynch will be eating Skittles and scoring touchdowns for four more years in Seattle after signing a four-year deal worth $31 million yesterday, $17 million of which is guaranteed. [Field Gulls]
  • The Titans will likely be placing their franchise tag on Michael Griffin, a move that will cost $6.2 million. It also cements Cortland Finnegan’s departure. [Music City Miracles]
  • Last week we told you about Holley Mangold, Nick Mangold’s sister who could crush you. Now she’s officially an Olympian. [Washington Post]
  • It isn’t remotely surprising that a prominent online sports book has odds for where Peyton Manning will land. But the fact that sportsbook.com has received $6,000 worth of bets on Denver is the opposite of not surprising. [Darren Rovell on Twitter]
  • In case you missed it over the weekend, ex-Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien defended his former receiver Wes Welker and his role during the now infamous late-game incompletion that could have sealed another Super Bowl for New England. [Boston Globe]
  • With Mark Brunell likely fading off into the football sunset, the Jets need a solid backup to both push Mark Sanchez, and be a trustworthy option if he continues to suck. Chad Henne fits that description, but he could be far too expensive. [The Jets Blog]
  • A.J. Hawk finally cut his hair, and he did it for a good cause. [Total Packers]
  • Stat nerd alert! The Eagles really need a linebacker, which is a very obvious statement. But there are stats to prove that obvious statements are indeed obvious. [Inside the Iggles]
  • There’s a heavy defensive lean to the players confirmed to have met with Detroit at the Combine. [Pride of Detroit]