The official Vegas odds call for Peyton Manning to wear Arizona Cardinals red next year, but we don’t buy it. Instead, Miami makes the most sense to us.

GLS 1, Vegas 0?

From Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald:

How likely the Dolphins are to land him is unknown and opinions vary based on who is talking. But suffice to say the Dolphins are “very confident” they have a good chance to land Manning assuming he is healthy, according to one club source.

I’m told the team has had unofficial and off-the-record conversations with the “Manning camp” the past three months, although my source would not say if that included contact with Manning or his agent. [CORRECTION: Got a call from my source who says the conversations were the past three weeks, not months.] I’m also told the team would deny any contacts whatsoever because it could be deemed to violate the NFL tampering policy.

“Manning is the Dolphins’ top priority in free agency,” writes Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, “and the team will make a big push to sign him as soon as he is waived.” Volin added that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is a longtime fan of Manning’s.

The Dolphins currently have about $12 million in cap space, but there’s room to create more. Manning would likely agree to sign an incentive-laden deal that many believe would pay him close to $20 million if he returns to his old form. If they do sign Manning, the Dolphins will likely have to forget about free-agent nose tackle Paul Soliai, but they don’t have a lot of other in-house free agents to worry about.

Plus, if they want Peyton badly enough, they’ll make it happen. And it appears that they want him badly enough…