My instinctive writing reflex is to be cynical. It’s usually far closer to the truth than the visions of peaches and tangerines that dance in the mind of the eternal optimist. I also function much better in the reality provided by truth, mostly because as a young child my father once sat me in front of the TV to watch an episode of Thomas the Train, and Thomas promptly crashed.

There’s been trauma ever since that day, especially when I’m asked to trust an adult who tells me that watching a children’s program is safe. Strangely, that still happens, and it’s made trusting Randy Moss to look like the old Randy Moss that much more difficult.

So I’m sorry, Jay Glazer, but we’ll be taking your sourced assessment of Moss during his workout in New Orleans today with several heaping grains of salt.

First, in two separate 140-character or less Interweb sound bites, here’s what Glazer tweeted about Moss:

Hearing from multiple sources re Randy Moss workout today he lit it up. Was told he ran about 45 routes and “looked like the old Randy.”

From what I gather all parties were pretty floored by his workout. Probably didn’t expect him to perform the way he did

Our hesitation about Moss goes far beyond my unique personal reasons. Gagnon touched on Moss’ most recent numbers in his post earlier this morning, and they were so atrocious that they deserve to be repeated here, and likely many more times elsewhere.

Prior to his one-year forced hiatus because the league concluded that he’s no longer a talented wide receiver, Moss went through three teams (Patriots, Vikings, Titans) and averaged just 14 yards per catch. The only season in which he sunk lower than that throughout the other 12 years of his career was his second year in Oakland, a time when he was generally unaware that he was at a football stadium on Sundays. Over his last five games Moss also had only two catches for 31 yards.

The snap-judgment optimists and hopeful daydreamers will read the observations made by Glazer’s sources, and conclude that a year away from the game has recharged Moss’ legs, and therefore also restored his signature breakaway speed.

The realists like yours truly should far outnumber the optimists on the Moss front by now, and they’ll need more than just one workout in shorts and the knowledge that Moss can indeed run proper routes to determine that the 2007, or even the 2009 Randy Moss, has risen from the dead.

Unfortunately, in New Orleans where BountyGate is the only thing keeping us from talking about a Saints receiving corps that could be decimated by free agency in a few days, wide eyes were probably watching Moss.