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My biggest fear in life is that Randy Moss’s Ustream exposition works.

Yeah, I’m not big on prioritization.

But really, if Moss successfully finds a new NFL job after taking to internet live streams in vainglorious fashion, how many more out-of-work football has-beens will draw a connection between the attention ploy and the career resuscitation?

I hope and assume that there’s no real relationship between Moss’s internet broadcasts and the fact that he’s actually drawing interest as a free-agent wide receiver, but all that matters, I suppose, is that he is¬†drawing interest as a free-agent wide receiver.

We discovered last night, via Jay Glazer on Twitter, that Moss has landed an audition today with the Saints, who are apparently trying to own every single story line dominating the 2012 offseason. And then, on ESPN SportsCenter this morning, Adam Schefter reported that Moss already has two more visits lined up next week.

Um, why?

Moss, who is 35 years old and 15 months removed from the football field, carries more baggage than an Airbus A380. In what was supposed to be his farewell NFL performance in Tennessee, he had completely lost the big-play ability that made him great.

I suppose I can understand why certain teams would be curious, but I have a strong feeling they’ll all pass when they have confirmation that Moss simply doesn’t have the game-changing speed he once did. Without that, he’s just another big target — but one that could cause ripples in the locker room and probably won’t come as cheap as no-name receivers with the same ability.

Is it possible that New Orleans is bringing in Moss as a possible replacement for Marques Colston? Sure, but it’s also possible that the workout was designed to send a message to Colston, who has said he wants to remain in the Bayou but has also said he wants top dollar. (Unsurprisingly, Schefter also reported this morning that the Saints probably wouldn’t be able to re-sign the impending free-agent wideout.)

For anyone else showing interest, there are better quality fish in the sea. Colston, Brandon Lloyd and Vincent Jackson could come at too high a price, but then there’s also Pierre Garcon, Laurent Robinson, Harry Douglas, Robert Meachem, Deion Branch, Jerome Simpson, Eddie Royal and Lee Evans.

At this point, any of those guys can probably do a Randy Moss-level job for a similar price and without the potential headache.