The smart, business savvy company leader can turn anything into an advertising opportunity. That’s why it’s surprising that in the two cities where Manning billboards and/or websites have surfaced, only one has tried to sell you something, and even then it wasn’t blatant when pushed random Jets merchandise.

The Manning to Miami movement is just a billboard and a website that begs you to join their cult, and asks fans about the last time the Dolphins had an “impact” quarterback. Now Arizona has brought us our first official Manning billboard corporate sponsor, and of course it’s a mattress company.

A mattress company pushing for a quarterback who’s recovering from a severe neck injury is far too perfect, yet the utter lack of creativity in their advertising is disappointing.

Surely instead of the painfully bland “please sleep here,” they could have gone with “we’ll cradle your damaged goods,” although I suppose that could be taken in a few directions.