Will Manning's wife Ashley be shown on camera?

Did you hear about the Colts press conference last night and immediately see a betting opportunity? We did too, and we’ll all go to hell together.

Here’s your official GLS Manning press conference props sheet. Winner gets a free tour of the GLS world headquarters (Gagnon’s condo that’s slightly larger than a hall closet).

1. Will there be a crier? And if both cry, who will cry first between Manning and Irsay? (Manning +200, Irsay -200)

2. How long will Irsay speak excluding a question-and-answer session? (o/u: 5 minutes)

3. What will be their final public embrace? (handshake, hug, shug, fist bump, macarena)

4. Who will Manning thank first for his time in Indianapolis? (Irsay, the Colts organization, the Academy)

5. How many times will the term “MVP” be used in any context? (o/u: 8)

6. How many times will the Hall of Fame be referenced in any context (i.e: “future Hall of Famer…”)? (o/u: 6)

7. How many times will Andrew Luck be mentioned? (o/u: 0.5)

8. Will Manning’s wife be present? (yes: +150, no: +250)

9. If yes, how many times will she be shown on camera? (o/u: 1.5)