Cats like hockey. We know this to be an undeniable truth of animal sports fandom.

They also enjoy football, and taking part in throwing drills. Or more specifically, being the object thrown in said throwing drills.

Over the weekend when Peyton Manning was still a member of the Indianapolis Colts he was throwing deep balls and showing vintage Manning form for at least 27 seconds, and we assumed he was slinging only footballs. And sure, Manning looked impressive in the brief video that surfaced of his workout at Duke, but can we really say anything definitive about such a short glimpse in a contained environment?

The answer to that question would be easy if Manning was indeed throwing just footballs. But now we’ve learned that because of the unconventional teachings of David Cutcliffe–Duke’s head coach and Manning’s former offensive coordinator during his college days at Tennessee–Manning increased the intensity of his workout, and he was throwing cats.

Oh yeah, he’s ready.

Absurdity via SB Nation and Outside the Boxscore