Yesterday, our very own Alen Dumonjic concluded that, in the right offense, Matt Flynn can be a successful starting quarterback in this league:

Flynn is likely to fall in line this offseason with past Packers quarterbacks while making the transition to being a starter for a different franchise. He has quality game management skills and pocket presence to go along with his mobility and accuracy.

However, his weakness lies in his arm strength, where he struggles to consistently deliver strikes in the intermediate depth of the field. Although this is an issue, it can be managed by designing the offense around the strength of his game by using play action and throws in between the hashes that are commonly seen in west coast offenses.

The problem, of course, is that the rest of the league’s quarterback-needy general managers and personnel gurus haven’t seen a lot of the impending free-agent quarterback. I mean, we’re talking about a seventh-round pick with a grand total of two starts in four seasons.

That’s why he’s unfortunately — and probably unfairly — being compared to Kevin Kolb. And that’s why there’s a major risk tied to the Flynn investment (Flynnvestment?).

But for a ringing endorsement, let’s go to the man who’s been quarterbacking in practice with Flynn for four years, reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers:

Top 15? Dude’s probably gonna demand upwards of $10 million a year and all you can predict is that he’s going to be better than Matt Hasselbeck? That’s who finished 16th in the league in passer rating last season.

And FYI: Matt Moore was 16th in yards per attempt, Andy Dalton was 16th in yardage and completion percentage, and Hasselbeck was 16th in touchdown passes.

So hey, if you want a franchise quarterback who Aaron Rodgers predicts will be, at the very least, slightly better than Matt Hasselbeck, Andy Dalton and Matt Moore, then Matt Flynn is your guy.