And we leave you with this…

Two things:

1. I say “we leave you” because it’s quitting time on Friday, but I’m probably lying because Peyton Manning’s rockstar free agency tour doesn’t work 9-to-5, and thus neither do we. So there’s a good chance we’ll be back with more between now and Monday.

2. We don’t work politics into the mix very often around here, simply because it isn’t good business when you consider that an opinion on a particular candidate can technically alienate a large percentage of those reading. Not worth it, and it’s not in our wheelhouse anyway. That said, this is too good to ignore…

So Philip Rivers is a big Santorum fan. Please, elaborate

“I am supporting Rick Santorum for President because of his stance on issues that attack vital Christian values our country was founded upon: no abortion, upholding traditional marriage, defending religious freedom, no euthanasia. Rick Santorum will also fight to create jobs and expand opportunities for all Americans. I am proud to endorse Senator Santorum and do what I can to help him secure the Republican nomination for President of the United States.”

For more information, feel free to Google “Santorum,” but do so at your own NSFW risk.

Comments (7)

  1. And there you have it. Philip Rivers absolutely loves Santorum, he can’t get enough.

  2. Rivers supports banning things that would never effect him personally.

  3. I would’ve thought Santorum would leave a bad taste in Rivers mouth. Apparently not.

    On a serious note, I’m absolutely shocked at how many idiotic Americans there are that choose their President solely on non-issues like abortion/gay marriage etc. and not on things like the economy/foreign policy,,,,y’know….things that matter.

    • Even worse that he refers to them as the “values our country was founded on”. Yes, gay marriage and abortion were EXACTLY what the founding fathers were most concerned with.

  4. I want to hear from Jim Brown and Bill Russell on Rick Santorum

  5. Hey, just another reason why I can’t wait for Rivers to get the fuck outta SD.

  6. Some people think the NFL is rigged. If the NFL was rigged, would there be bounty programs and so many injuries. These people need to ake the Hell up. These people are dumbasses. These people are just pricks who can’t deal with their team losing. The Patriots lost in the Super Bowl to the Giants, but I still don’t think the NFL is rigged. The people who do, are complete dumbasses.

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