Really, Really?

Look, we’ve tried and failed in the comedy game here at GLS. I’m not sure what our batting average is, but we’ve definitely swung and missed with a few wisecracks. It happens.

But we’re going to risk calling the kettle black, because the league’s official website has struck out in a baffling attempt at humor. And while the lack of funniness was sort of expected from, I’d argue that what makes this post-worthy is the fact that the website’s staff — paid NFL employees — arguably crosses some controversial lines with its foray into the world of de-motivational posters.

“Dear future rookie, you’re not in college anymore. The NFL can be a scary place and there are times when you will question whether you can make it or not. But fret not, just take a lesson from those who have come before you and have made mistakes, and those who have managed to succeed. You can do it, you just have to hang in there, baby.”

In the feature, they throw Tom Brady, Stevie Johnson, Rex Ryan, Tony Romo, Jason Garrett, Ndamukong Suh, Wes Welker and the 2011 Eagles directly under the bus, while indirectly taking a shot at Rob Gronkowski. They also mock the Giants for the incident in which they faked injuries to slow down — of all teams — the Rams early in the season. And there are also, randomly, two motivational posters lauding Cam Newton and Eli Manning.

The whole thing’s sorta funny because it’s so unfunny, but it’s also just surprising to see the league’s website publish something like this…