In another life, Skip Bayless was Tim Tebow. Yes, this sounds strange, and physically impossible. But it’s the only way to explain his passionate yet highly illogical and incredibly stubborn defense of Tebow despite numbers that lead to reasonable doubt for most normal-minded people.

He just wins, Bayless will say, even though there’s far more to winning a football game than Tebow’s running and incompletions. But let’s not digress on that rant again, because then we’ll be dabbling in the fine art of blatant trolling while discussing the high troll of the Internet kingdom.

As Denver’s courtship of Manning continued over the weekend, the members of the Tebowmania cult have slowly come to the realization that their figure of worship could soon shed his Bronco blue. For most people, the death of the “Mile High Messiah” nickname would be worst tragedy of a Manning signing that results in a Tebow trade.

But for Tebow’s supporters in Denver, it’ll be hard to cope with their unique option quarterback leaving so soon after one year of running a system that rarely works at the professional level. As a high-ranking superior in Tebow’s fan club, Bayless started the #FreeTebow hashtag on Twitter yesterday, a movement that really started to gain momentum this morning in advance of Bayless’ daily festival of gab on First Take.

The results have been predictably wonderful: