In another life, Skip Bayless was Tim Tebow. Yes, this sounds strange, and physically impossible. But it’s the only way to explain his passionate yet highly illogical and incredibly stubborn defense of Tebow despite numbers that lead to reasonable doubt for most normal-minded people.

He just wins, Bayless will say, even though there’s far more to winning a football game than Tebow’s running and incompletions. But let’s not digress on that rant again, because then we’ll be dabbling in the fine art of blatant trolling while discussing the high troll of the Internet kingdom.

As Denver’s courtship of Manning continued over the weekend, the members of the Tebowmania cult have slowly come to the realization that their figure of worship could soon shed his Bronco blue. For most people, the death of the “Mile High Messiah” nickname would be worst tragedy of a Manning signing that results in a Tebow trade.

But for Tebow’s supporters in Denver, it’ll be hard to cope with their unique option quarterback leaving so soon after one year of running a system that rarely works at the professional level. As a high-ranking superior in Tebow’s fan club, Bayless started the #FreeTebow hashtag on Twitter yesterday, a movement that really started to gain momentum this morning in advance of Bayless’ daily festival of gab on First Take.

The results have been predictably wonderful:

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  1. I see that everyone is felling that tebow will have an hard time with all this.I just dont think so.He is a great guy that does so much good.And plays a game that he just loves,and I think he will be happy on any team.It’s the media.A 6 yearold little is has been hurt by the media for months,She had to toss all her things for christmas because she was surrounded for a week by the media,dont you remember???? Shge cry’s all the time,She has been followed from state to state before christmas.Always crys about she just want a home again.And all her things that she lost.Why would the media do that to child and just so heartless.Her parent is a christain,cant get a job to make things normal is following them Cant say they didnt and dont have proof. from state to state a child!!!!!!!!!She does like the media at all.A beautiful little girl.The media has ruined her life.Do any of you have children???Look at your children and but them in her shoes And they can care less.I can see them doing it to the parent byt a child????and the parent did nothing wrong,no why did you do it????This child is still about morals.why dont someone write about a child was hurt everything striped from her because the media.See her pain.her tears as she askk why are they doing this.write about that

  2. “As Denver’s courtship of Tebow continued over the weekend, the members of the Tebowmania cult have slowly come to the realization that their figure of worship could soon shed his Bronco blue” Nice writing there, buddy! Courtship of Tebow? heh. So, why an article on someones opinion? I could understand if you wrote about how YOU view the future of Tim Tebow, or his prospective future…but why base the subject of your writing on another mans opinion? Jealous much?

    • Typo there, and I clearly meant Manning. As far as the rest…umm, what? I’ve written my opinion of Tebow many, many times. The subject of this post was just to quickly and simply observe the ridiculousness of the #Freetebow hashtag.

      Why would I be jealous of any fan’s love of a quarterback who completed less than half of his passes last year?

      • Why care of how the win, if you care for wins, just pick a winner. all other is just talk. None of us holds the further. We correct the past by doing TRUTH. GO SOONERS

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