Years ago sports writers thought that free agency would be much easier if they had a system to communicate immediately and directly with NFL players. Now that system exists, and you can also use it to forever savor the memories of that time you dressed up as a giant baby for Halloween. Good times.

Pierre Garcon used the social media Interwebs to announce his next destination on his Facebook page. It’s Washington, where he’ll soon be receiving passes from Robert Griffin III.

The contract is reportedly worth $42.5 million over five years, with roughly $21.5 million guaranteed, according to Alex Marvez of Fox sports. So it’s yet another case of Dan Snyder tossing Benjamins in the air and bidding against himself. The Redskins are also reportedly close to signing soon-to-be former 49er Josh Morgan. Snyder definitely enjoys plugging gaping leaks with large wads of cash.

While the term and value are steep for a receiver who’s produced efficiently but has never been a top wideout, the need was definitely there for Washington. Despite having solid receiving options when healthy over the past few seasons between Santana Moss and first Chris Cooley at tight end and now Fred Davis, the Redskins have been consistently mediocre in the passing game, and often far below that.

Much of the responsibility for that stagnant offense of course lies on the shoulder and arm of the quarterback, and whichever woeful arm happened to be under center between Donovan McNabb two years ago, and either Rex Grossman or John Beck in 2011. Washington was ranked 19th in yards per pass attempt this year (6.9), and 14th in passing yards per game (235.8).

Still, youth is key with a youthful quarterback now also entering the huddle in Washington, as Andy Dalton and A.J. Green taught us. Garcon is just 25 years old, giving him far more youth and durability than Moss, who is losing speed, and he’ll blow out the candles on his 33rd birthday cake in June.

Despite the absence of Manning, and the unfortunate presence of his poor replacements (Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky) Garcon still finished this season with 947 receiving yards and six touchdowns. That’s the kind of consistent and reliable down field production a young quarterback like RG3 needs, and it’ll likely also lead to Garcon quickly pushing aside the aging Moss to become Washington’s No. 1 wideout.

UPDATE: The signing of Morgan is now reportedly complete, and he’ll be paid $6 million annually.