Brandon Carr is worth more than Cortland Finnegan, but only $100,000 more. In NFL terms, that’s about $1.

Finnegan set the market for cornerbacks late last night with his $50 million deal that led him to a blissful reunion with Jeff Fisher in St. Louis, and now with Carr heading to Dallas, the cornerback pool is suddenly quite shallow. Carr agreed to a five-year deal worth $50.1 million, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The Cowboys were expected to aggressively pursue a cornerback after a series of moves to free up $15 million in cap space was highlighted by the release of nine-year veteran Terence Newman.

Newman’s track speed had faded as he began to venture into the nether regions of his mid-30s, a dark place where quick legs go to die. Interceptions are a difficult and often poor metric to use while measuring defensive backs, but for what it’s worth, Newman’s still had nine picks over the past two years despite those slowing legs.

Still, in Carr the Cowboys now have a defensive back who’s eight years younger, and he didn’t miss a game during the past four seasons when he was a starter in the Chiefs’ defensive backfield. That seems like it should be just a small added bonus, but for the Cowboys, health on the corners is significant. Newman missed two games this year, and he sate out six times in 2008. On the other, Mike Jenkins missed four games, and he’s only had two fully healthy seasons during his four-year career.

Jenkins is also entering the final year of his contract, and might not be retained after his major shoulder surgery. Injuries and age forced Dallas to spend, and CarrĀ could be one half of the Cowboys’ foundation at the corners defensively alongside the recently extended Orlando Scandrick