Now you can always know where Bud Adams is, how high he is in the air, and his speed in knots. That information is only available if he’s on his private airplane, though. His speed is usually zero at any other time, regardless of the measurement you’re using.

That’s the flight information for Adams’ private Jet as he’s making his descent into the Raleigh-Durham International airport, the end of a one-hour flight he took today that left from Nashville. Think of this tracker as one of those child leashes, just more digital and techy and stuff.

The air miles came courtesy of Peyton Manning, the free agent quarterback who’s currently meeting with a Titans contingent at an undisclosed location. He’s “very interested” in Tennessee’s offer, according to Adams, whose flight speed frequently accelerated.

Yes, I watched it. No, you’re too obsessed with free agency.

Thanks, Mike Freeman