Sure, it was in very limited action at times during his stops in St. Louis and Atlanta, but prior to 2011 Laurent Robinson had exactly 1,000 career receiving yards over four years.

Then in 15 games this year–only six as a starter–he had 858 yards. So, what’s that kind of miraculous timing during a contract year worth on the open market? A cool $32.5 million over five years from the Jaguars, with $14 million guaranteed, according to ESPN.

Robinson should donate a portion of his salary to Miles Austin, who missed six games and gave him the opportunity to contribute in the Dallas offense. Robinson’s average yards per game was 70.5 with Austin on the sidelines, and it dropped to 54.4 when he returned. Even when Austin returned Robinson had earned the right to have his hot hand fed, and his two best games (103 yards in Week 8, and 137 yards in Week 14) came when the Cowboys had all three of their top receivers in the lineup.

So there’s some serious, likely crushing overspending going on here, but it’s being done out of earnest desperation in Jacksonville. That’s the environment in which all the best franchise-changing decisions are made, and now Robinson will be Mike Mularkey’s main weapon as he attempts to save Blaine Gabbert’s career.

Good luck. We’re all counting on you.