Vince Young haphazardly tossed around the Dream Team label last August in Philadelphia, and the result was four losses over the Eagles’ first five games to start the season, the beginning of a vomit-inducing tailspin. That nose dive was eventually corrected with four straight wins starting in Week 14, victories that launched the Eagles back into playoff contention in a weak NFC East.

But the damage was done by that opening stretch of pathetic football that saw the Eagles win only four of their first 10 games of 2011, and overall five of their eight losses came by a touchdown or less.

Young’s moment of stupidity didn’t lose those games, but it didn’t help either, with the Dream Team moniker sticking and haunting the Eagles throughout a frustrating season. So you’d think that a year like that would build character and maturity among the younger players in Philly’s locker room.

Nope. Take it away, DeSean Jackson: (via USA Today)

“I’m going to guarantee a Super Bowl. We’ve been so close since I’ve been here the past four years. …The sky’s the limit.”

The bolding there is mine, but the moment of brilliance is all Jackson, words said during his press conference today following the five-year, $51 million contract extension he signed Wednesday.

Some will call it confidence. I’ll call it unearned and unchecked arrogance, which is the same verbal disease that’s gradually made Rex Ryan intolerable. But even Ryan has at least led his team to two AFC championships in recent season.

In fairness, Jackson did say “a” Super Bowl, meaning he may not be making specific reference to this year. But after living through the constant questions and pressure created by Young’s Dream Team reference, it’s impossible to comprehend what would have motivated Jackson to make such a guarantee.

Karma is a wicked poison, and it doesn’t care about small differences in language. It only hears the words “Super Bowl” and “guarantee” in the same sentence.