Fans want and crave results, or at the very least, hope. Results and hope are their drug of choice, and the only way to cure those withdrawal symptoms in the offseason is a signing that satisfies a need, and generates discussion.

Beyond results and hope, there’s only one drive more powerful to the fan: an excuse to talk, and debate the merits and/or idiocy of a signing. This is why at times it’s often difficult to determine what’s more frustrating to the fan between a team that makes bad moves, or a team that makes no moves at all.

In Atlanta, the frustration and angst is slowly bubbling. The Falcons franchised Brent Grimes, but since free agency opened on Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET they’ve done very little beyond re-signing Harry Douglas. John Abraham and Curtis Lofton are set to walk, along with Todd McLure on the offensive line.

So quick, do something, men in suits who make decisions for the Falcons. Nevermind the $5.8 million in cap room that you started free agency with, just do something fast.

Don’t worry, kids, because GM Thomas Dimitroff has a plan: (via The Falcoholic)

“Every year since we’ve been here, we’ve taken a free agent. That’s helped us go into the draft. The first year, as you know, it was Michael Turner. The second year, we considered the Tony Gonzalez trade to be a free agent move. The year after that it was Dunta Robinson and the year after that, last year, it was Ray Edwards,” he said. “Again, (the free agency period) really allows a team to be aggressive enough to get someone in place so that they don’t have to just use the draft to build, and for us, as you know, we do not have a first-round pick this year or a fourth-round (pick), so free agency is going to be important. Does it mean, Bucky, that we need to be very aggressive at the beginning of free agency? It means we have to have a really good feel of what free agency may offer us throughout weeks to come.”

The madness in the initial days of free agency results in odd contracts, and overpaid players. The Redskins made a commitment to Pierre Garcon, a receiver who’s never been a true No. 1, and the Jaguars dramatically overpaid for another receiver, signing Laurent Robinson to a five-year deal worth $32.5 million after he was kind of good for one year.

The smart and elite teams with smart, elite general managers have patience, and the keen eye to grab quality pieces in the second tier of free agency.

Headlines are fun, but they don’t win football games.

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