Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a picture of Manning that we haven't used 27 times already?

Perhaps multiple footballs, because only having one football for a workout doesn’t seem very productive.

Insiders have said repeatedly that Denver and Tennessee are now the front runners for Manning, with Miami turning its attention to Matt Flynn, and Arizona’s hand will be forced by Kevin Kolb’s $7 million bonus that’s due tomorrow.

So then there was two, and of the two remaining, it appears Denver is pushing ahead. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Manning will workout for the Broncos today at Duke University, the headquarters for Camp Manning that’s featured innovative cat-throwing drills during his rehab.

Adam Schefter insists that even though Manning is working out for the Broncos, Denver still isn’t the leader. At this point, broadcasting that on the Internet and trying to convince the masses that Denver isn’t taking some kind of lead today is about as easy as convincing a man who breathes that a juicy steak isn’t a tremendous dinner idea. Their lead may be just a small step, or it may be sizable, but Denver is certainly taking a step of some kind today in a forward direction.

Beyond just seeing Manning throw a football–and indeed, many footballs–this gives Denver the opportunity to poke and prod his neck, and satisfy themselves that the product their potentially investing in has recovered from its year-long malfunction.

If there’s still anyone out there who actually believes that the Broncos wouldn’t stick a fiery fork in Tebowmania and sign Manning, then please consider the entourage they’re sending to the Duke campus. Schefter reports that John Elway will be on that plane, along with head coach John Fox, offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, QB coach Adam Gase, GM Brian Xanders, and a medical team.

They’re also bringing duck tape, a blindfold, and chloroform.

UPDATE: Manning will throw for the Titans too, according to NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi, although a date for that workout hasn’t been set yet.

This confirms two truths about Manning Watch:

1. It will never end.

2. I’m a cynical jerk for thinking that Denver’s workout date with Manning today gave them a lead. I’ll never doubt you again, Adam Schefter.