When Manning looks to the heavens in Denver, his face glows too.

I’m not sure what’s more entertaining about BoDog.ca‘s odds related to today’s Peyton Manning apocalypse in which he quite literally switched horses, or at least horse logos.

I’m highly trained in the fine art of Internet trolling, and my background in that prestigious area tells me that any mention of Tim Tebow’s name makes people dive into their computer screens. That’s straight science, although we don’t recommend it because your IT department will be pissed.

Our favorite gambling website has odds on the next city where Tebow will play his football and pretend to be an NFL quarterback, in addition to some amusing miscellaneous items regarding Manning. First, the Tebow odds:

With Jacksonville the favorite and Cleveland the longshot, BoDog’s layout nearly matches my mildly educated guesses perfectly. Mark it down, because on March 19, 2012, I sort of knew what I was talking about. Hooray?

BoDog also asked if Tebow will be a starting quarterback in Week 1 next fall (Yes: even, No: -140).

Then they dug into the Manning fun, including the odds on if he’ll be the 2012 comeback player of the year (Yes: even), and if he’ll be next year’s MVP (Yes: +700). But trying to guess his overall numbers in the Denver offense is the true challenge, and it’s difficult after Manning’s unique and rare injury, and his absence from competitive football for a full season.

That yardage feels obese as we sit here in mid-March with varying confidence about Manning’s injury and recovery, and how he’ll gel with the surrounding offensive pieces in Denver.

But let’s assume hypothetically that Manning is at least 80 percent in September. He averaged 4,327.8 passing yards per year over his last five seasons in Indianapolis, which is the kind of torrid pace that an elite quarterback can sustain no matter who’s on the other end of his throws.

You’re forgiven if you want to be cautious about the Denver offense and take the under on Manning’s yardage. But his completion percentage is about accuracy, and not solely arm strength, so this should be a much easier decision…

Over that same five-year stretch in Indy, Manning completed 66.5 percent of his passes, and his percentage has only dipped below 65 in a season four times during his 13-year career. All four of those poor seasons by Manning’s lofty standards came in his first four years as a pro.

If you’re in an especially degenerate mood you can also wager on whether or not the Broncos will met the Giants and Peyton’s brother in the 2013 Super Bowl (Yes: +5000).

Photoshop magic featuring Manning gazing up into the sunlight like the new Broncos God he is courtesy of our very own Scott Lewis.