Keep dreamin' kid.

For such a wholesome guy, Tim Tebow creates a lot of anger. In the early days of his time on the trading block we’re quickly learning that when he’s associated with any team, the fans of said team will often be confused, and then angry.

Last night Jenny Vrentas reported that the Jets have “real” interest in Tebow, and then Adam Schefter expanded the field, reporting that the Packers, Jaguars, and Dolphins are all in the mix too. Miami and Jacksonville are very much expected contenders for Tebow, and the Packers are connected because of their need for a backup quarterback after the departure of Matt Flynn through free agency.

But the Jets are the most intriguing, since Mark Sanchez was just signed to a new five-year contract worth $58.25 million. The $20.5 million in guaranteed money contained in that deal dictates that Sanchez is the Jets’ starting quarterback no matter how much he stumbles and looks incompetent.

Tebow would be utilized as a wildcat weapon in New York, a trick new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano is quite fond of and uses frequently. He’d be Ronnie Brown, just much bigger, and even Tebow can throw better than a running back. He’d be cheap too, and he’s young, meaning there’s plenty of time for him to develop.

It’s difficult to really see the drawback of acquiring Tebow for the Jets, but with Tebow, it’s difficult to see anything. His polarizing effect is blinding, and many are concerned that the lack of confidence in Sanchez among the fan base combined with the presence of Tebow could create too much pressure for a quarterback who wilted under the weight of a feather last year.

So in short, the same people who create said pressure are afraid that their knee jerking will destroy Sanchez. Steve Politi of the Newark Star-Ledger reminded everyone that this is New York, and pressure is an inherent mental obstacle:

It’s not like the Jets have to worry about bringing the circus to town if they add Tim Tebow. They’ll continue to be Ringling Bros., Barnum and Woody with or without the guy.

And it’s not like he’ll make fans abandon Mark Sanchez the first time he throws an interception. That’ll happen anyway, even if they have to check to roster for the name of his backup.

Tebow could be destined to play a position that isn’t running back, and the Jets’ locker room is already a smash hit Broadway show anyway. So why not let him play under a coordinator who can utilize both his excellent running skills and mediocre passing skills?

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