It’s as if the NFL has conspired to permanently cripple the Internet today.

Schefter means 2012 and 2013. See, even the best have keyboard misfires. We are somewhere between the best and worst, so we’re excused too.

Pro Football Talk is also reporting that Gregg Williams, the former Saints defensive coordinator who organized the bounties and is currently employed in the same capacity with the Rams, has been suspended indefinitely.

If the tweet above from Schefter didn’t flatline the Internet, he went for the death blow with this haymaker that combines both of the massive stories that broke in the same minute:

Our precious, fragile Interwebs have never been assaulted this viciously in 140 characters or less.

Again, more reaction to follow after I reassemble the scattered fragments of my brain which are currently located in various corners of the office.

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  1. What does that mean? That he won’t be allowed in the Saints’ office’s and unable to coach
    for the whole year? Just want to be clear. Thanks :).

    • The penalty officially starts April 1, and at that point he won’t be allowed to coach in any capacity for the entire season. The Saints haven’t announced who will take over, but that will probably come down soon.

  2. I think the nfl needs to fine the other teams who had the bounty program going its not fair for one team to take the fall for the whole nfl like brett farve said {its football} I understand people could of and did get hurt and money was one of the factors in the program but what I don’t understand is why are y’all {nfl} stopping on just one team y’all need to look at all 32teams dig deeper a you will see all teams do it. It has been going on since the beginning of time for the nfl back in the days it was a bet now its a bounty

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