Shortly we’ll all get to be entertained during our lunch hour as a legion of sports writers, and mostly just writers assemble in a field house that vaguely resembles a large tent to ask a backup quarterback questions he’ll answer with blinding blandness. Get your pre-conceived narratives ready, it’s Tim Tebow press conference time.

Oh but wait, it’s not really a press conference. It’s a “player availability” session since Rex Ryan and the Jets brass are in Palm Beach, Florida for the owners meetings. So to ratchet up the weird, Tebow will come to the podium first and introduce himself, and then the fun times will begin.

Just as we did for Peyton Manning’s farewell conference in Indianapolis, we put together a few quick Tebow press conference props. Feel free to wager amongst yourselves, and the winner will receive one of my used styrofoam coffee cups.

1. How many times will the words “God” or “Jesus” be said by Tebow? (O/U: 25.5)

2. How many times will Tebow reference a grand plan made by a higher power or superior being? (O/U: 6.5)

3. How many times will the wildcat offense be referenced in any context, either by Tebow, or the reporters asking questions? (O/U: 8.5)

4. How many times will Mark Sanchez be name dropped? (O/U: 4. 5)

5. Will John Elway be name dropped? (O/U: 0.5)

6. Will Tebow pose with his new Jets jersey? (Yes: +300, No: -200)

7. Will Tebow be asked about Taylor Swift, Dianna Argon, or any of the other devil women in New York who could lead him down the path of sin? (Yes: +500, No: -200)