The season of smoke with little fire is upon us, a time when we question Andrew Luck’s status as the sure-fire first overall pick after a year of calling him the best quarterback prospect of this generation. It’s great fun, but once we get into late April and the final days before the draft, it’ll also become nauseating.

Instead of participating in this game that for even the elite quarterbacks always involves some dim lighting and a tiny dart board, one team tried to pursue a quarterback that’s played and excelled (albeit briefly) at the professional level.

The team is the Browns, and the quarterback was Sam Bradford.

When the Rams were shopping the second overall pick their two main suitors were Washington and Cleveland. Before they settled on Washington, there were widespread rumors that Bradford, the first overall pick in 2010, was part of the discussions. Tony Grossi has now confirmed those rumors, even if Rams head coach Jeff Fisher still won’t name any names.

From Grossi, who spoke to Fisher at the owners meetings:

The Browns asked the Rams about trading for quarterback Sam Bradford before turning their attention to Robert Griffin III, sources said at NFL meetings this week.

The Rams said no.

“His name came up, not from us,” Rams coach Jeff Fisher said Wednesday morning. “Clubs inquired. But there was no consideration whatsoever on our part (to trade Bradford).”

Fisher would not confirm the Browns were one of the teams.

“I prefer not to get into specifics about the conversations. I can say there were teams that inquired,” Fisher said.

The connection and strong desire by the Browns’ management makes sense. Head coach Pat Shurmur was St. Louis’ offensive coordinator during Bradford’s 2010 season when he threw for 3,512 yards, set a record for the most completions by a rookie (354), and he was named the offensive rookie of the year.

That familiarity along with the quick, intermediate routes of Shurmur’s west coast system would have fit well with Bradford’s skillset since he’s a volume passer, and a QB who’s more successful when he’s established a rhythm.

Now the Browns have settled for Colt McCoy, and both young quarterbacks will move forward with equally young receivers, and the support of either an injury prone (Montario Hardesty) or aging (Steven Jackson) running back.

And now you want to know the rest of the story…

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