Santonio Holmes did more than just pick up his ball and go home when the Jets season ended. He vanished, and with the exception of a few tweets to clear the air with his quarterback, he’s redefined reclusive during this offseason.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News recently found our modern day Carmen Sandiego in Orlando, just a few days after he returned from a goodwill trip to Africa. While that trip was undoubtedly enlightening, it seems nothing changes Holmes and his, um, unique personality.

Mehta asked him the standard questions regarding how the Jets season ended, wondering if Holmes’ outlook on his place in the organization has changed now that he’s had more time to reflect. That topic didn’t really interest him.

From Mehta:

“You haven’t seen no Santonio Holmes stories in the news since the season was over,” said Holmes, who recently returned from a two-week goodwill trip to Africa to distribute hearing aids to the underprivileged.

He remained adamant that he wasn’t interested in discussing the state of the Jets.

“My offseason is just beginning,” he said, wearing a grey, long-sleeved Jets shirt in the 85-degree heat.

When given one final opportunity to refute the perception that he has been the poster boy for the Jets’ dysfunction, Holmes remained stone-faced.

“I don’t care.”

For a guy who’s talking to a member of the media, Holmes really didn’t seem to enjoy talking to a member of the media.

“The media don’t make me and the media don’t break me,” Holmes told the Daily News, tapping his chest and extending his arms. “I’m Santonio Holmes . . . and that’s it.”

A source Mehta spoke to also said that Holmes has little interested in the Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow debate, and he “just wants the ball.”

The purpose of this isn’t to write another post carving a chunk out of Holmes. We know that he’s talented, but far more often he’s quite disgruntled. That’s not a new revelation.

What takes his oddness to a new and different level of weird is that while speaking with Mehta he had a chance to bury the hatchet even further with Sanchez and sweep away any other discontent in the Jets locker room, and he took a pass. Holmes made that decision during the same week that Darelle Revis openly described the Jets as a team that’s still in disarray.

But hey, Santonio Holmes is just Santonio Holmes. That’s it.

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