And why shouldn’t he be, right?

A week ago a report surfaced stating that the Eagles participated in the Peyton Manning chase, but they weren’t really that serious, and quickly dropped out. They were still serious enough to consider it, though, and Andy Reid confirmed that in a statement when he said “we look into everything, as all teams do.”

That may be true, Andy, but somehow we doubt Bill Belichick was too eager to pick up the phone and call the Colts. His quarterback may be aging, but he’s still elite. Ditto for Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis with Drew Brees franchised, although they’ve had other more important calls to make lately.

The point here is that the blanket due diligence line is a fair statement, but it only stretches so far. Eventually the quarterback Reid signed to a six-year contract last fall–the same one who’s set to be paid $12.5 million next year–is going to start wondering what the hell is going on.

Or maybe he won’t, because Michael Vick knows that he’s really, really ridiculously good looking.

That sounds like a slightly tamer version of the infamous/famous “elite” line that Eli Manning was grilled for last summer. Criticizing Vick can be easy with his inability to stay healthy, and his good but still rather average passer rating of 84.9 last year, which was only marginally better than Kevin Kolb and Matt Hasselbeck.

Vick won’t hear your words if you choose to pursue that path of criticism, because his headphones are cranked with inspirational tunes…