The months of March and April are a season of red for NFL general managers, scouts, and coaches, and the color usually comes in flag form.

The process of determining which players could perhaps have troublesome, cancerous personalities feels like it’s rife with unfair scrutiny of a young man’s mental makeup. It’s led to inappropriate questions about a players’ mom and her occupation, and equally absurd questions about the amount of times a prospect has sex…per day.

Maybe if NFL players stopped being lunatics in their spare time, general managers wouldn’t need to get their Horatio Caine on every spring. Which brings us to Mikel Leshoure.

The Detroit Lions running back came off the board in the second round last year, which is still pretty lofty territory for an RB, a position that sustains immense pounding, and players start to be considered old at 28. In his first NFL offsesaon Leshoure has made a hobby out of getting into legal trouble, and he’s had two run-ins over the past two months.

Today he was arraigned on his most recent drugs charge, and the police report gave us more details about his character. When your second-round running back has instincts that tell him to eat weed quickly when confronted with authority, he’s doing his part to make sure those red flags don’t disappear anytime soon.

Now that he’s accumulated two charges in such a short time period, there’s a possibility that Leshoure–who’s rookie season ended before it started with a torn ACL in training camp–could face a suspension, and a shallow Lions backfield will continue to play without a top draft pick from a year ago.

The intention here isn’t to be an alarmist. The vast majority of players drafted every year are intelligent, well-mannered young men, and while they’re not all elite superstars, they’re not all idiots either. Far from it.

Consider this post to be a sort of public service announcement if you get annoyed with the constant red flag chatter over the next few weeks. Mentally, young prospects need to be able to handle the burden of stardom, and now between Leshoure and Aldon Smith’s DUI, there’s already been two legal dust ups among players taken in the first two rounds last year.

Here’s lookin’ at you, Janoris Jenkins.