Beyond the usual incidents of young, often inebriated stupidity that resulted in your garden variety noise complaint, my interactions with those who serve and protect have generally been quite cordial.

But I can only assume that being arrested isn’t a pleasant experience. It does, however, provide you with the unique opportunity to practice singing Bohemian Rhapsody. The entire song.

If there’s one lesson any sane-minded individual learns while being handcuffed, it’s that it sucks, and consequently an individual’s first time in the back of a police car should be their only time in the back of a police car. This is a fundamental principle of a our society, and our criminal justice system. Getting arrested is a punishment intended to deter future unlawful behavior.

Much like your basic NFL offense, that concept has escaped Ryan Leaf’s grasp.

On Friday Leaf was arrested on drug and burglary charges when a quest for painkillers led him to break into a friend’s home. He posted bail, but then he was arrested again Monday morning. The day changed, but the crime and motive was the same.

From The Associated Press:

Central Montana Drug Force Commander Chris Hickman says Leaf was arrested early Monday in Great Falls and is facing charges of burglary, theft and two counts of criminal possession of dangerous drugs. He also is being detained on a probation violation.

Hickman says the new charges stem from a burglary on Sunday – two days after Leaf was arrested and charged with burglarizing an acquaintance’s home for prescription painkillers.

So to review Leaf’s weekend, he botched a burglary, was arrested, posted bail, botched another burglary, and he’s now been arrested for the second time in four days. That’s one hell of a bender.