A bongo is an intricate musical instrument that requires rhythmic thumping, which is usually followed by some light tapping, and perhaps more thumping.

It’s impossible to be unhappy while playing the bongos. While he certainly wasn’t angry or upset when he stepped behind the bongo apparatus last night at a Jimmy Buffett concert, Saints head coach Sean Payton didn’t show the proper level of youthful exuberance that margarita mixin’ tunes typically extract from the soul, regardless of your age.

There was subtle evidence of some hip shaking towards the end of his cameo, but Payton mostly looked like the kid who has no distinguishable music talent, so someone tosses him some bongos during the school Christmas play. The concept of rhythm entirely escapes this child, and his presence is merely tolerated as the adults smile and applaud politely.

Thanks, KSK